Versatrol is the most effective, innovative, scientifically engineered formula on the market!

Versatrol is one of our most aggressive formulas to date.  We have studied the fat blocking effects of Clenbuterol and combined them with the muscle building results of Deca 500.  This new combination gives you the ability to take one supplement and gain muscle while trimming down fat.  Versatrol is the most complete product you can buy on the market.  And it is the most effective formula you can get without a prescription.

Muscle Growth
Increase oxygen flow and blood pressure, gain aerobic capacity and slow down the glycogen storage by speeding up the fat/protein store rate. Strengthen muscles, bones and increase red blood cell production

Fat Reduction
The key to Versatrol's successful fat loss technology is a multiple pathway approach. Unlike many other weight loss products that try to tackle fat loss through one biochemical pathway or ingredient, Versatrol approaches fat loss in seven different ways.

If you're serious about building muscle and looking to take the next step, this is it!  Versatrol is quickly becoming the leading seller of all bodybuilding supplements.  No longer are supplements considered cheating or too dangerous to take.  The stigma was gone when everyone realized we could benefit greatly from the proper use of them along with the right diet and exercise.  Today products deliver more effective results and Versatrol is proving to be the most reliable and respected formula available.  Discover what many others have been using to take that next step in adding lean mass muscle.

Maximum results achieved within approximately 100 days. Results may vary. Always consult a doctor before making any changes in your lifestyle, or beginning any new exercise or nutrition program.

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